Trip Summary: Europe 2013 (Tons of Photos!)

I’ve been back in the US for just over a week now, and I’m finally making headway processing my photos (and my thoughts!) from our mother/daughter trip to Europe. I’m working on more detailed writeups, but for now I wanted… Read More ›


Art Museums and Artistry

We spent most of today wandering through a few art museums. I was dumb, and thought this was the first Sunday of the month (when in reality the last Sunday of the month), so we did not get in for… Read More ›


Tourists on Trains

We woke up this morning in Amsterdam and then took the local train (more stops, more time, but cheaper) to Brussels. We spent a few hours in the city, enjoying waffles, chocolate, and beer (for me) on the seriously impressive… Read More ›


My Gut and My Brain: Booking with Airbnb in Paris

FINALLY! After a few months searching, researching, clicking around, asking for references, etc, I booked our apartment in Paris! It has been a crazy few weeks at work – I just helped send out a proposal for a job that,… Read More ›


An Engineer and an Artist Walked into a Bar…

Well, we haven’t walked into the bar yet. Once we get to Europe, on the other hand… here’s another bar joke to hold you over until those tales! Descartes walks into a bar. The bartender asks, ‘Can I get you… Read More ›


Mother/Daughter Europe Trip Itinerary Update

Today’s post has to be a quick one, because I’m burning the candle at both ends this week. Despite the busy schedule, I did manage to book a few more lodgings for our trip today at lunch time! Using,… Read More ›


Originally posted on Leaving the Harbor: My First Trip Abroad:
This legend goes that a man built this fountain for his love who wanted it to be in a public place so all could enjoy it. Supposedly when they looked…


Itinerary Planning Process: Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris

I recently wrote about the rough itinerary for our mother/daughter trip to Europe. We fly into Dusseldorf, and then hop on a train to Amsterdam. This post covers the planning process for the first few cities on our trip (Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris). I’ve been emailing… Read More ›


Engineering Marvels: Le Musée des Egouts, Paris, France

Social prosperity means man happy, the citizen free, the nation great. – Les Miserables, Volume IV, Book I, Chapter IV Since I last posted about the Wieliczka Salt Mines (and yes, I was able to spell it correctly this time without… Read More ›

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