#32: Massachusetts

M is for Massachusetts:  Featured Post Card for the A to Z Challenge.


*** First off, prayers go out to the victims of the recent Boston bombing. It was a terrible event and they have a long road to recovery.***

Sticking with the New England theme, we’re on to one of the hardest states to spell. Can you believe I still sometimes misspell Massachusetts? I always want to add a final “e” before the s (think videocassettes, cigarettes, bachelorettes, etc).

As a kid, I did nearly the full gamut of historical experiences in Massachusetts. Walked the Freedom Trail and visited Quincy Market in Boston, visited Plymouth Rock, wandered around Old Sturbridge Village, etc.

On my last visit to Boston, though, my tastes had changed. I still focused on the historical aspects of the city, but there was a newfound emphasis on food and drink. We wandered into an old church-turned-museum, only to find out they were having a chocolate tasting! Apparently chocolate, along with coffee, was a colonial alternative to the tea made famous by the Boston Tea Party.

We also wandered to the waterfront and went through the tour of the Harpoon Brewery. While Sam Adams probably Boston’s most famous beer, the Harpoon tour is NOT to be missed! After paying a modest fee, we took a detailed tour of the large brewery and ended up at their tasting room. For an hour or so after your tour, you get unlimited ‘samples’ of beer – so within about 40 minutes we were well on our way to sloshed! My favorite was the “Apple Pie”. It is a combination of their cider and their Winter Warmer (a beer with cinnamon/cardamom undertones). I enjoyed this so much that I ended up buying a growler to go!

We were scheduled to go to Boston this weekend for a mini-getaway, but due to other commitments and the general hectic-ness of Spring, we decided to stay local – so we’ll be exploring Hershey, PA instead – the sweetest place on Earth!


I’m participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge this year! Over the month of April, I’ll be featuring my post cards for all 26 letters of the alphabet. So get ready to see more of my massive post card collection!


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3 replies

  1. Are the post-tour samples at Harpoon serve yourself or served to you? We did Speight’s brewery in New Zealand and they had a self-serve bar you could hit for about an hour after the tour. Whoo whee!

    • They are served to you – there are several bartenders who are really quick about filling up your glass. The place was packed, but we managed to get a spot right at the bar, so within a minute of putting our empty glass on the bar, it was filled again!

  2. ooh! i need to check that out next time! we did the sam adams brewery tour, but never really looked into any others. also did the speight’s brewery tour in NZ. they had some really great beer there too. 🙂

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