#27: French Quarter, New Orleans

F is for French Quarter:  Featured Post Card for the A to Z Challenge.

image (27)

New Orleans has always been one of my favorite cities to visit. The credit for this goes to my dad, who was smart enough to buy a time share in New Orleans back in the mid 1980’s. When we were young, we would go to New Orleans every three years or so, piling into the car and driving the nearly 1,500 miles to Louisiana and back.

The car rides were part of the journey. I learned to read maps and give directions, to prepare delicious easy travel snacks like cut up veggies, and to keep myself entertained for hours on end (books and games of I-Spy were key).

photo (4)But the actual visit to New Orleans was the best. While there were many great aspects of the city off limits to us (and therefore our parents as well) as young children under 21, I never remember being bored. We went to museums, zoos, and storybook parks, and wandered through the French Market. Of course much of the focus was on the food – we ate some meals in the timeshare’s kitchen, but I remember the delicious gumbo and jambalaya at restaurants like The Gumbo Shop – my love for spicy flavorful foods started at a young age.

We last went to New Orleans in 2012. It was the first time visiting New Orleans since my brother and I turned 21 years old (for reference, I’m 26 now, so we hadn’t been back in a while). I remember things most clearly from this recent trip, but some things never change – the French Market held its consistently colorful chaos, biegnets at Cafe du Monde were as sweet as ever, and the seafood and gumbo was maybe even more satisfying than I remember.

I’ve never been to New Orleans during it’s most famous time: Mardi Gras. Despite this travel omission, it is still one of my favorite cities to visit!

image (26)


I’m participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge this year! Over the month of April, I’ll be featuring my post cards for all 26 letters of the alphabet. So get ready to see more of my massive post card collection!


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4 replies

  1. I’ve only been to New Orleans once, and it was not long enough (I was there on a conference). I definitely want to go back and explore the city in much more depth. Thanks for sharing your stories about vacations in NOLA!

  2. I’ve never been to New Orleans but it’s of course on my bucket list. The way you describe the place is just amazing. You have such wonderful memories from your childhood :-). I’m a big fan and lover of France so visiting the French Market would be my dream come true experience. I need some more photos of the place!

    P.S. I’m so happy you found me via my blog. I hope you will have a time of your life in Poland and I would be more than happy to guide you x

    • Thanks for stopping by Agness! I hope you get to New Orleans one day – it’s worth a trip for sure. It’s one of those cities that is great to visit any time of year, not just at peak tourist season. If you do get to go, you should fit in a side trip to the Bayou – you can take a tour on a boat and watch the captain feed alligators!

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