#24: Curacao

C is for Curacao:  Featured Post Card for the A to Z Challenge.

Apparently my mom had a life before she had a family. Who knew!? I’m being sarcastic of course, but in reality there is so much of my mom that I’ve only recently learned. This is one of the main reasons I planned our mother/daughter trip to Europe for this summer, so I can learn more about her life in a capacity more than just “Mom” or even as “wife” to my dad – both of which I know plenty about and neither of which paints a complete picture.

So today’s post card is of Curacao, in the Netherlands Antilles. There’s no text on the back, but I assume my mom bought this post card when she visited Curacao back in the 1970’s (I’m just guessing at the date: Mom – feel free to chime in). I don’t even know if she knows this post card exists / is in my possession!

image (22) image (21)

Apparently, my mom spent a good amount of time in her 20s traveling, just like I’m itching to do now. She knew a family who went to Curacao on vacation, and tagged along as a nanny/au pair. They got a built-in babysitter, she got a free trip to the Caribbean! (Apparently my mom is a hipster travel hacker, getting free vacations way before it was cool!) She also took a trip to Europe with her mother in the 1970s, which inspired me to carry on the “tradition” and book our mother/daughter trip for this year.

Last year, I took a vacation in St. Kitts, another tiny island in the Caribbean. Luckily, I didn’t have any small children to chase after, so most of my time was spent relaxing on the beach, on a horseback ride, in a massage, etc. I wonder what a trip to the Caribbean was like 30-40 years ago? I imagine the tourism aspect was barely developed at that point, and of course cell phones / internet / etc did not exist. It sounds like a relaxing way to get away from it all. Maybe one day I’ll visit Curacao and get my own post card!


I’m participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge this year! Over the month of April, I’ll be featuring my post cards for all 26 letters of the alphabet. So get ready to see more of my massive post card collection!



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7 replies

  1. So cool! I’ve always wanted to travel to Curacao. I see deals all of the time but I can never go! I think it’s very exotic. Nice postcard!

  2. What a great idea with the postcards. I grew up before computers so I prefer to mail postcards home when I’m travelling. And I truly believe there’s a travel gene. It started in my family with my grandmother, and it’s now been passed down to my own daughter.

    • You might be right about the travel gene – I have a couple friends from my childhood who have never gone more than ~500 miles from where they grew up, just like their parents before them. While others aren’t content to settle down and start a family until they’ve visited multiple countries (like my mom) or lived in multiple states (like my dad).

  3. I love the A-Z Postcard concept. I don’t have so many postcards, but I may jump in on this idea as well. Thanks for the post!

  4. You’re funny Jen. Yes, the trip to Curacao was fantatstic. The parents I traveled with were very close to my age with a ten month old boy. They (all three of them) took long naps in the afternoon so I had plenty of beach time, too. The only drawback then was the towns people took siesta’s at noon so a lot of the little shops were closed in mid-afternoon until about 2 pm. I wonder if they still do that? The island has no fresh water source so their drinking water (and water for beer making) had to be desalinated. At one point we had to move to a different hotel because we were down wind from a sugar cane factory and the soot (?) made me cough all night. (By the next day the black soot coated the bathtub!) These are not complaints… they just add to the charm and uniqueness of the visit. -mom

    • Thanks for chiming in Mom! And thanks for volunteering the fact about the drinking water. I knew some places in the Caribbean don’t have their own source of fresh water but I didn’t realize Curacao was one of them. I would have thought it did have fresh water, being relatively close to the coast of Venezuela!

  5. What a great theme! I have a box of postcards that I collect/acquire, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a collection. I’ll have to pay more attention to it. Thanks for the tours

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