Day Trip: Lancaster, PA Wine & Painting Class

It has been a crazy few weeks. Today, a couple of friends and I took a break and made the drive down to Lancaster, PA, to use a livingsocial deal for a painting class. I’ve been to a (BYOB) painting class before, and had certain expectations of the teaching/painting process. But this class actually blew those out of the water.

Instead of painting the same prescribed image onto many canvases using the “Put yellow here, put red here, put blue here” method, the painting class at Annex 24 really allowed us to do our own thing.

photo (2)
The staff really encouraged (and helped) us to paint whatever inspired us. One friend decided to paint a picture of her new puppy, and my other friend decided to do an abstract/modern take on sunflowers. I found a painting in a book they passed around for inspiration and decided to paint an old, weathered wall and window.

imageThe class lasted from 1-4 PM on a Sunday afternoon. It included all of the paint and brushes we needed to complete our masterpieces. Many of our classmates painted something along the class theme of “wine bottle”, though only one or two people actually reproduced the paintings at the front of the gallery. I would highly recommend this painting class to anyone who is looking for something to do on Sunday in Lancaster, PA!

photo (2)

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  1. Those paintings look really good! Do you have a background in art, or do you get a ton of support from the instructor?

    • A little bit of both – I don’t have a true background in art, but I did inherit some artistic ability from my mom. Coupled with that, this wasn’t the first time I’ve painted before either.

      That said, the instructors did give a significant amount more support than I’ve seen at other painting classes (this was a small class – maybe 10 people total). While I actually did the majority of the painting myself, they weren’t afraid to get a little hands on and demonstrate a new technique on my canvas (for example the use of the palette knife).

      Their hands-on approach was just what I needed, because one of my biggest hurdles is actually getting the paint onto the canvas! I’m so worried about ruining what I’ve already painted that I tend to think too hard about it – having the instructor load up the palette knife and spread it across my canvas helped me to relinquish a little of the anxiety of messing up.

  2. That’s some great art painting for an afternoon! All three are superb. =)

  3. I’ve always wanted to do one of these!

  4. What a fun combination and way to spend a Sunday, Jen!


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