Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-awardWhen I first got word from Emma over at A Tale or Two to Tell that I had been nominated for an award, I had two thoughts.

  1. Awesome Alliteration. Seriously – that is one of my favorite literary devices (in case you couldn’t tell from “Wander One Day” or from certain posts like Snowflakes and Daydreams.
  2. I keep accidentally thinking of it as “Sisterhood of the Traveling Bloggers Award” to make it more like the reference to the pants book/movie.  The word “traveling” would make sense for my site, because I do like to travel, but then it would exclude the many, many bloggers I follow and enjoy who do not travel at all (or at least that is not their primary focus of writing).

I love that Emma is based in Australia – while I have tended to focus my travels on the US and the surrounding areas (St. Kitts in the Caribbean and or Mexico in Central America), she has focused most of her travels on the other side of the world – New Zealand, Bali, Tonga, etc.

By the way, the only reason I know where Tonga is located is because my brother did a project on it in elementary school. Apparently it is one of the first places on earth to experience the New Year, because it is so close to the international date line!

So with a giant THANK YOU! to A Tale or Two to Tell, (I really like saying that phrase), here are the questions I’m supposed to answer:

1) What is your favourite colour?

Definitely blue, and various shades of blue mixed with green. I’ve loved this color off and on my whole life, but I always come back to it. While my wedding colors were pink and tangerine orange, my wardrobe ends up being mostly black and blue with pops of pink and orange and green. I’m not a big fan of reds and yellows though.

2) What is your favourite animal?

At the moment I’ll go with dolphins. It probably is about 50/50 between dolphins and horses, but thanks to the awesome NOVA program that was on PBS last night, I’ll have to go with dolphins right now.

3) What is your favourite non alcoholic drink ?

Definitely water. To quote Emma, “If its not wine, its water.”

4) Facebook or Twitter ?

Facebook. I only recently started to venture into the world of Twitter, and it still doesn’t make much sense to me.


As an engineer, I like things to be symmetrical and repetitive. It makes sense to my brain.

5) What is your favourite pattern ?

I don’t have any Simplicity patterns with British Royalty on it like Emma does, so I’m going to have to break the chain of posting a fabric pattern for right now. I would say that my favorite pattern is anything repetitive with symmetry. Grids, in particular, make me happy.

That said, I do enjoy a good natural pattern too, like clouds covering the earth from an airplane window, or the outlines of leaves and branches peppering the sky as you gaze upwards through the sunlit leaves.

6) Do you prefer giving or receiving presents ?

Giving. If I really want something bad enough, I can go out any buy it for myself, so receiving presents is always fun but unnecessary. Seeing the look on someone’s face when you’ve picked out just the right gift is awesome 🙂 That said, if someone gave me a gift card that would allow me to travel, I would say receiving presents is better 🙂

7) What is your favourite number ?

Either 7 or 21. Those were my numbers when I played softball growing up, and I’ve liked them ever since. I’m not too picky with favorite numbers, but for some reason I don’t like even numbers.

8) What is your favourite day of the week ?

Definitely Saturday. Friday is fun because it’s the end of the week, but you still have to show up at work for 8 hours. Sunday is fun because you don’t have to be at the office, but we end up doing all our household chores on Sunday, which makes it less fun. Saturday (to quote Goldilocks) is “Juuuuuust right!”. No work, no chores, just fun!

English: Alstroemeria aurantiaca in southern T...

English: Alstroemeria aurantiaca in southern Tasmania, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9) What is your favourite flower ?

Alstroemeria (commonly known as Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas). You might not have heard of this flower, but you’ve definitely seen it. It’s a cheap, hardy flower very popular for sale in supermarkets. I had only known my husband for a few weeks when he got me pink and orange Alstroemeria. We ended up using them as our wedding flowers, and they were beautiful!

10) What is your passion ?

My passion is exploring and discovering new things.

  • Travel falls under this passion, because it is exploring and discovering new destinations and cultures.
  • But more local things also fall under this category. I like to explore and discover new things where I live – noticing beautiful local architecture for the first time, or finding a new park to visit, or trying a new restaurant with friends.
  • I like to discover new food and new wines, because I’m definitely one of those “live to eat” people (instead of “eat to live” like my husband).
  • I like to discover new things about my friends and family. Their lives are always changing and new things are happening – it’s important to stay in the loop on the big things in the lives of those you like and love.
  • And last but not least, perhaps most importantly, I love to explore and discover new things about myself. As much as anyone says the key to happiness is living in the moment, I think living only in the moment (without looking to the future and to growth) is insufficient. I like to explore what my limits are, and then discover how to overcome those limits.

So those are my 10 answers to questions about myself. Now on to the fun part…. nominating other bloggers!

  1. Tricia A. Mitchell
    A great travel blog, from someone who is also big on alliteration!triciaamitchell
  2. An Honest Word
    Great, clean lined site with descriptions of foreign travels and local life.anhonestword
  3. The Travelling Travelator
    A fun blog with great travel tips from a cruise travel agent in “Middle England”.
  4. J. Nicolette Travel
    I am in awe of her bravery to quit her job and travel the world.jnicolette
  5. The Wandering Youth
    Beautiful artwork and snippets of thoughts, and an AMAZING sketchbook!wanderingyouth
  6. The Miraculous Journey of Katie Seibert
    Full of great writing that really takes you to where she is. Check out her recent post Killing Bears and Taming Wolves.katieseibert
  7. Li Jiun
    A wonderful moment of serenity every time I visit her site.lijiun
  8. Artistry Allure
    I am a sucker for beautiful pictures of flowers, of which she has many. But she also has plenty of creativity in other areas too!

If you’ve been nominated for an award and would like to pass it on to other bloggers, here are the steps:

  1. Refer to / Thank the blogger who nominated you, and include the award image.
  2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  3. Nominate other bloggers! 

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3 replies

  1. Yay this is great ! Well done. You wrote this so fast.
    Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I also love saying ” A tail or two to tell”, and am a huge fan of alliteration.
    You are not alone on the “where on this planet is Tonga?” thought. It is 4 hours by plane from Sydney Australia, in the Pacific sea, and to quote from somewhere in the travel sales brochure world ” a million miles from care”. It truly is a slowed down laid back primitive paradise, and one of the 3 or 4 remaining places left in the world where you can swim with humpback whales in the wild ( my main reason for visiting). It was the most incredible trip of my life – and that is saying a lot – I have been to some places in my time.
    Keep travelling, keep writing, keep living ….. I am off to check out your nominations 🙂

  2. Jen, thank you so much for your kind nomination and recognition. It brought a smile to my face. 🙂

  3. I wanted to say thank you very much for nominating me here. As someone very new to travel blogging, I love that you are enjoying my tales! Looking forward to checking out the other bloggers and getting to blogging a response soon. 😀

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