Boston here we come!

We’re going to Boston – I couldn’t resist!

Yesterday, I summarized my points balances across my various accounts. One of the unallocated accounts was my Ultimate Rewards account, which could be transferred to various travel partners. Then, late last night, I received an email from Southwest reminding me that their ongoing sale applies to point redemptions, not just fares in dollars.

southwestpointsSo I gave it some more though, and realized a few things:

  • My test in April is big and scary and I will be super stressed out. It’ll be good to have a vacation to look forward to while I’m spending 10-20 hours per week studying.
  • My husband works Sunday night through the wee hours of Thursday morning. That means we technically have a 3-4 day weekend if I take Thursday and Friday off of work. We haven’t had a fun vacation together since 2011.
  • Southwest has no change fees, so if I book now and something comes up, I’ll get the points redeposited into my account instead of wasting them. No extra charges!

And with that, I transferred my Ultimate Rewards points to my Southwest account to supplement the ~1,000 points I had in there already (the process was very nearly instantaneous, I only had to wait a few minutes for the points to show up). I booked us two round trip flights from Baltimore to Boston. Total cost for two round trip flights to Boston? $10.


Of course, there will be some additional costs for this trip. I’m hoping to find some friends to stay with in Boston, or even try Couchsurfing (I’ve been wary to try this on my own, but feel safer with my husband).

  • We will still need to eat while we’re there. (estimate: $40/day each)
  • And we’ll need to pay to park at BWI for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. (estimate: $10/day total)
  • And once we’re in Boston, we’ll need to take the train to various locations, which adds a little bit of cost as well.

When all is said and done, I expect this mini-vacation to cost us roughly $150 for two people. Not too bad, especially considering it’ll be our first real vacation together since our much-delayed honeymoon to Florida in 2011 (we got married in 2010) Random note: I also used Southwest to book us free flights from Pittsburgh to Orlando for our honeymoon.

I can’t wait for fresh seafood, historical sightseeing, etc!

What are your favorite things to do in Boston?

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  1. Congrats!

    sightseeing=Museum of Fine Arts; food=b.good – a healthy fast food joint. There are a couple of healthy fast food places in New York, but I still crave b.good’s baked french fries and veggie burgers. I never stayed in a hostel in Boston, but I know they have couple, and it might make sense for you and your husband to stay in a private room in a hostel. AirBnB might be another good option.

    • You’re right – a hostel is another great option! Like I said, there are a few things I’m a bit too much of a scaredy-cat to do by myself the first time but would love to try with another person (couchsurfing, hostels, and airbnb all fall into that category).

      As far as food, my Boston tradition is to visit Quincy Market and eat a giant bowl of clam chowder. Other than that, we’ll probably just find somewhere to eat when we get hungry – I know the Irish pub fare will appeal to my husband!

      I’m tempted to walk part of the Freedom Trail – we did that in elementary school on a class trip and it was pretty impressive that I managed to walk on the line itself for most of its length… what a dork I was!

  2. Ah, Boston. I remember the whole place smelling of cinnamon. I remember the Freedom Trail too, and the red lines on the pavement. Enjoy!

  3. Oh dear…I hope you aren’t in Boston right now!

  4. we were just in Boston, the weekend before last! Fun times! We blogged about it, too. Recommend the Freedom Trail. And we ate at Grotto that night, which was tasty. =)


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