Regrouping and Daydreaming

Sorry for the slowdown in posting, it’s been a crazy 6 days!

  • I spent three days in Nashville for a sorority event.
  • The sorority chapter I advise is going through formal recruitment this week and I’ve been providing support and advice.
  • I conducted two alumni interviews for my university (as an alumna, I interview prospective students to supplement their application).
  • I had an appointment with the eye doctor and ordered new glasses (I went for something fun and slightly retro this time – can’t wait to get them!).
  • I donated blood, since I have a blood type in high-demand.
  • I went to the gym a few times to prepare for my personal training session on Friday (though I had to take a break today due to donating blood).

In my few spare moments, I took the time to regroup and summarize my points and miles accounts. While my trip to Nashville was fun, and I’m really looking forward to our mother/daughter trip to Europe, I’m always on the lookout for the next trip.

  1. First things first, I wanted to check my vacation balance at work. I need to have enough vacation time for the trip to Europe, with a little leeway in case I am too jet-lagged to go back to work the day after I return, or in case I want to take the day off on the day we leave. I see that I have about 4 days unaccounted for between now and the end of my trip. That means I can easily take a few three-day weekends, or one nearly week-long trip.
  2. Next, I wanted to see what my points balances are. This was easy, but took some time. 

Points Account

Current Balance

Future Balance

(hotel) Priority Club

30,644 points


(air) Airtran

33 credits
2 Business class upgrades

(air) British Airways

1,363 Avios

50,000 Avios

(air) American Airlines

7,220 Miles

90,000 Miles

(misc) Ultimate Rewards

8,805 points


A few key notes about the available points/miles:

  • Ultimate Rewards points are very flexible. I can transfer them 1:1 to Priority Club for a hotel night, or Airtran (via Southwest) or British Airways for flights. There are other partners, like Amtrak, Marriott, United, Hyatt, etc, but I don’t have enough of those points to make a difference. On the other hand, 9,000 points transferred to Southwest during a sale can mean a round trip flight to a nearby location, or a one way flight to somewhere far away.
  • Priority Club hotels range from 5,000 to 25,000+ points per night, depending on where the hotel is located and its quality (Intercontinental goes for 40k points per night, while most Holiday Inns run about 20k per night). If I choose my destination based Points Break Hotels (5k points/night), that would cover 6 nights.
  • Airtran requires 16 credits for a round trip flight in economy class, so I have enough for two round trip flights. Unlike its partner Southwest, Airtran flies to destinations like Aruba, Jamaica, and Mexico. If I plan a trip by myself, I’ll probably go to one of these destinations. If my husband can get time off of work and I use these credits for our flights, we’ll probably go to Orlando or somewhere similar so we can combine a vacation with a trip to visit his grandparents (I’ve only met them once).
  • British Airways points are pending. I signed up for the credit card last summer, with a bonus of 50k Avios after the first purchase, and another 50k points after the first year. I used the first 50k to book our flights to Europe, and I am waiting for the second 50k to post. Then, I can use them for two more round trip flights to Europe, or to another destination.
  • American Airlines miles are also pending. The miles required for travel range from 12,500 one way for off-peak domestic travel, to 20,000 one way to Europe. If I take advantage of the trick to get a free one way to Hawaii, I could easily get a trip to Hawaii and to Central America out of those American Airlines points. In fact, with 95,000 miles, I could book round trip tickets for two people to Peru and to Hawaii:
    1 – from NYC to Peru,
    2a – from Peru to NYC (stopover)
    2b – and NYC to Hawaii,

    3 – from Hawaii back to NYC.
    All I would have to pay for is the taxes/fees associated with these flights, but not the fares themselves!

To / From

To / From

Award Type

Economy Class

Miles Required

Taxes And Fees^

Wholly Within Continental U.S./Canada




Within and Between the Continental U.S./
Canada/Mexico/The Caribbean




Continental U.S./Canada/ Mexico/Caribbean





North America

Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru or Venezuela




North America

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay or Uruguay




North America





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  1. Oh man, that so much more legible than my balance sheet. How did you make that table?


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