Packing List: 3 Days in Nashville

Now that my trip to Nashville is just around the corner, I wanted to share my packing list for a single carry on.

I brainstorm better on paper, but I need a combination of visuals and lists to really make my planning effective. So I start out by listing any recommended clothing (since I’m attending a 3-day conference they gave us a list of recommended attire). Then, I sketch out a few of the basic pieces I know I’ll be taking – jeans, pencil skirt, etc.

After picking out a few key items like a pair of jeans, a basic black dress, and a couple tops, I start to list out specific outfits based off of my itinerary. Once I have the basic articles of clothing down, I move on to filling in the blanks with accessories.

I know I need business casual for my sorority event, but I also need casual outfits for sightseeing in downtown Nashville. So I plan to wear a single pair of flats that can serve both styles. No need to waste space in the carry on with extra shoes!

I like to stick to basic color palettes (in this case blue and black) to make coordinating outfits easier. I can add color through jewelry and accessories that don’t take up much space.

By wearing the jeans, flats, tank top, sweater scarf, and khaki jacket on the plane, the only things I have to pack are the skirt and dress, spare shirt and sweater, undergarments, and electronics. That will easily fit in one carry on, plus a canvas bag with my sorority’s letters folded up to carry around during the conference.

Now I just need to do laundry so all these things are clean! Side note: Packing for travel may be the only time in my life I actually get excited to do laundry.

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  1. I’m with you Jen. Less is more … when it comes to packing for travel, less is always more.

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