Day Trip: Pennsylvania Breweries


While I haven’t completed this day trip personally, I wanted to share this excellent itinerary for a day trip through several central Pennsylvania breweries.

Tierney is the unofficial beer connoisseur over at, a prolific blog dedicated to life and events in the Harrisburg / Central PA region. She writes:

Our final destination was Victory Brewing Company. As I’ve said before, Victory’s Golden Monkey was possibly the first craft beer I’ve ever tasted, so I was happy to make the pilgrimage to where it all began. Victory is also known as the unofficial representative beer of Pennsylvania.

I’ve been meaning to go to various breweries in the central PA area, but so far I’ve only made it to three: Appalachian Brewing Company and Lancaster Brewing Company in Harrisburg, and Iron Hill Brewery in Lancaster. On my to do list are:



I wish I could visit Spring House Brewing Company in Conestoga, PA, whose Braaains Pumpkin Ale for Zombies is the most delicious seasonal beer I’ve ever tasted (does that mean I’m a zombie?), but I think their production is so small that they don’t do tours.

The official Pennsylvania tourism website also has a pretty decent 3-day itinerary for PA breweries. I think it misses a lot of great breweries though, so be sure to supplement it with Tierney’s recommendations.


So head on over to and check it out!

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4 replies

  1. I’d love to visit breweries and wineries all over the US. It’s on my bucket list 😉

    • Highly recommended! I’ve only visited wineries in PA and New York, but the breweries I’ve been to elsewhere have been awesome. The Harpoon Brewery in Boston is a great tour if you want to end up drunk at the end of it, because they give you nearly an hour in the tasting room after the tour, with unlimited refills! It was a ton of fun, and delicious! Well worth the $10 or $15 for the tour cost.

  2. Terrific! I’m always so excited when I encounter others who use breweries as travel destinations! Of the three PA ones you have visited, which is your favourite?

    • So far, I would have to say Appalachian Brewing Company was the best. It had a very relaxed atmosphere, delicious food, and great music. The tour we scheduled was fun as well. Iron Hill Brewery was absolutely delicious, but despite being able to see the metal brewing tanks, it seemed more like a semi-upscale restaurant than a brewery. I don’t really have much to say about Lancaster Brewing Company – maybe we went to a poorly performing offshoot but when we went it seemed dead inside, and while the food was good it was also pretty expensive. I don’t remember seeing the tanks at all.

      I’m glad that breweries are popping up all over the places. Harpoon in Boston was the best I’ve visited overall, due to the sheer quantity of alcohol you can consume during their free “tasting” after the tour. But the tour itself was pretty detailed too, which was fun!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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