#18: Cancun, A Fantasy City

Today’s post card from Cancun, Mexico is a preview of a post I’m working on now, that summarizes the trip I took to Cancun a few years ago. I just dug out some photos of Chichen Itza for this week’s Travel Theme post about Walls, and it inspired me to recap that gorgeous location! 

Ancient images decorate weathered stones at Chichen Itza, Mexico.

Ancient images decorate weathered stones at Chichen Itza, Mexico.

But the post card itself is of a more modern location – the tourist region of Cancun, Mexico. The colorful set of buildings in the photo is La Isla Cancun, an outdoor shopping plaza. I was excited to find a Starbucks for my caffeine fix, but other than that, it reminded me of a mix between the style of outdoor mall at Tempe Marketplace (a shopping area near where we lived in AZ), and the manufactured canals at the Venetian in Las Vegas. They had very similar stores to what you would find in the US, but they also did have a few local boutiques and tourist-trap stores.

image (13)

I like that the bottom of the back of the post card reads “Cancun, a fantasy city” – because it is true! It felt like a dream the entire time, because it was my first trip to another country that actually felt like another country. True, I’d been to Montreal before, but that felt very similar to a US city. Everything about Cancun and Chichen Itza felt like I was imagining what travel was supposed to be. Exploring the ruins of long forgotten civilizations, swimming in tranquil turquoise pools in los cenotes, tanning getting burnt to a crisp on the warm Caribbean beaches… Little did I know that it would spark a wanderlust I’m still trying to satisfy.

image (14)

On a side note, the back of the post card once again doesn’t have a hand written message, because I bought it myself for my collection. BUT… it does have an awkward set of greasy blue spots. This was caused by the blue sticky-tack I used to secure the post cards to the wall at one point in time. I had been using thumb tacks when I lived at home as a teenager and had all of my post cards displayed on my walls.

But after a while I realized that some of these post cards are veritable antiques! I shouldn’t be poking holes in them! So I began to experiment with various tacking methods – thumb tacks overlapping the outer edges, double sided tape, blue sticky-tack, masking tape, etc. I still haven’t found a good option, which is why they are currently living in a shoe box on my desk next to my computer, and I’m posting them on wanderoneday.com instead!


What trip stands out in your mind as your first true ‘foreign experience’? What about it made it so exotic?


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  1. My first “foreign” experience was a school trip to Europe when I was 13. Can you imagine that? Travelling to Europe sans parents and with minimal teacher supervision (it was 1974 and the culture of fear that we have around our children didn’t exist much then). It was a dream. I wrote about it in my other blog – http://my-sicilian-home.blogspot.ca/2012/05/my-introduction-to-italy.html – if you would like to see it and the pictures.

  2. Ahh you make it sound amazing. I am hopefully going there for a couple of days in July so excited! My first ‘foreign’ experience was on my trip to India, I’d been places before but it was the first place I’ve been that was totally different and I loved it!


  1. Trip and Photo Summary: Cancun, Mexico « Wander One Day

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