Sneak Peak: PA Farm Show 2013

What a crazy weekend it has been! On Thursday, my husband and I went to the PA Farm Show. On Saturday, my inlaws came to town for a delayed Christmas visit, and I went to the Farm Show again. Last night, we went out with some friends and had a great (but late) night.

And, I was incredibly excited to find a box of post cards that I thought were lost forever! While I was looking at the photo of my wall from the Post Card Preview post, I noticed that I hadn’t seen quite a few of the post cards when I was going through the box where I store them. Luckily, I found the missing box yesterday, which contains tons of more vintage post cards – many dating from pre-WWII and some that are sentimental, as they were sent from my dad to us, from my grandfather to his family, or even from my grandparents to my great grandparents! The other exciting part is that several of the post cards are from places we’ll be visiting this summer – Amsterdam, Krakow, Tatra Mountains, Wielizcka, etc.. It’ll be fun to compare them to new post cards when we go!

I went to the Farm Show twice because I wanted to get more photos and video. But since I’m new at taking videos, etc, I wanted to enjoy myself with my husband the first time around, and go back another day to spend time setting up shots, catching the rest of the exhibits, etc.

So I’m working on putting together a more comprehensive post. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak at the Farm Show!

This farm show is serious business - it even has a giant cow statue!

This farm show is serious business – it even has a giant cow statue!

PA Farm Show 2013 059

Wine tastings

PA Farm Show 2013 024

Lots of livestock

PA Farm Show 2013 056

Judging of homemade crafts and food

PA Farm Show 006

Artisan cheeses and other locally produced items for sale

PA Farm Show 2013 015

The peacocks are a big hit at the show every year

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4 replies

  1. Two questions:
    1.) Does the PA farm show have rides? I went to the Ohio state fair in high school, and in terms of rides, it was more awesome than any theme park I’d ever been to.
    2.) How long are you staying in Krakow and the Tatras? I might have some suggestions for you.

    • 1) Not really – the PA farm show has a merry-go-round, but no other rides. It’s all indoors (good thing too, since it’s been about 35-40 degrees around here lately). I’ve been to the Ohio state fair and it was pretty awesome in terms of rides – but the PA farm show doesn’t have anything like that.

      2) We’ll be in Krakow for probably 3 days or so. We’re going to use one day to do a tour of the Tatra Moutains and Zakopane (I found a tour package for a 9 hour day that includes transportation, etc). The plan is to use another half of a day to do the Salt mine, and another half to possibly see Auschwitz. Other than that, I think we’ll just sightsee around Krakow. But any recommendations/suggestions would be great!

  2. For lunch or dinner, I liked Chlopskie Jadlo ( – English button at bottom of website). The name translates roughly to “Peasant Grub.” It’s not hard to find traditional Polish cuisine in Poland, but I remember really liking this place in particular.

    Piwnica pod Barami (Cellar under the Rams) has a jazz festival in the summer. They’re on the main town square, the atmosphere is great, and it’ll give a sense why Krakow is considered Poland’s intellectual capital.

    I focused most of my hanging out in Krakow’s old town square, and only discovered the Kazimierz neighborhood after a few weeks. My loss. It both a good place for nightlife, and for discovering Poland’s Jewish heritage. Poland used to be a really multicultural place people the war, and you get a some sense of that in Kazimierz.

    This advice might not make sense if you’re doing an organized tour to the Tatras, but you may have some free time. The hiking in the Tatra’s is the best I’ve ever done – you can do an easy, mostly straight ridge walk and admire the jagged Alpine peaks around you. There are several lifts up to the mountain tops, so you can take a lift up, walk along the ridge to the next lift, then take a lift back down. The ridge walks are manageable for people at most fitness levels, and the views are amazing.

    If you haven’t listened to it yet, the Amateur Traveler Episode on Krakow is great:

    Can’t wait for your trip reports!

  3. “you only regret the things you didn’t do!” kinda of a mantra for my new mobile app.. Look forward to keeping up! J

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