#10: Groetjes uit Holland

Confession time: Not every post card in my giant post card collection was sent to me.

My friends and family know about my collection, and if they receive one from someone else, they often ask if I would like it for my collection. This next one was sent from my father to my brother, nearly 24 years ago.

Groetjes uit Holland


Shortly after my brother was born (I was about 3 years old at the time), my dad had to go away on business for a couple months. He does that frequently now – his job requires visiting wind tunnels around the world to run tests. But at the time, it was his first business trip outside the US.

My mom was very upset and anxious. How could he leave her with a 3 year old and an infant for months!? She didn’t sign up for this!

Both my mom and dad had family nearby in case of emergencies, and luckily I was a good kid – I helped out instead of causing trouble (my brother would end up being the trouble maker). But it was still a lot of work for my mom.

My memories don’t really go this far back, but I know around this time I really started reading like crazy. Once I got the hang of reading at age 3, I would just sit for hours and hours reading books that grew more and more challenging (according to my mom, my favorite book around that time was a dinosaur book – I loved figuring out the long, complicated dinosaur names!). So I think I pretty much took care of entertaining myself while my mom took care of my brother.

I think my dad felt both guilty about leaving and proud that he had a son, because he sent this post card to my brother.

Hi T…

I know you’re getting to be a real big boy.

Soon I’ll be home and we’ll get to have fun.

I love you son,


I got some souvenirs from his trip as well – a cute little doll dressed in traditional dutch clothing. But I’m glad that my brother gave this post card to me for my collection. My brother is like a miniature version of my dad – from his appearance, to his mannerisms, everything. The only difference between them is that my brother has a horrible sense of direction and is not technically-minded (I got the good sense of direction and technical skills from my dad instad).

I also cherish this post card because it immortalizes my dad’s terrible handwriting. I’ve always found that certain professions have horrible penmanship – engineers, doctors, etc. This was certainly true in my dad’s case! (And mine… while I can still write very well when I try, most of the time I don’t care and I just scribble down notes as quickly as possible). My mom, on the other hand, has beautiful penmanship. She is a first grade teacher, so she needs to have good handwriting so she can teach her students.

It’s interesting what sort of memories these post cards can bring up – from travel, to reading, to penmanship. That’s what I love about my collection!

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