Kreativ Blogger Award and Nominations

kreativ_blogger_award_copyMajor thanks to Rachel over at The Penniless Traveler for the Kreativ Blogger Award nomination!

One of my favorite posts by Rachel was her review of Duolingo, a language learning app that makes it easy to move to the next level. I’ve been reviewing my Spanish via the mobile app and it is awesome! Of course, I’m frustrated at how much of the advanced Spanish I’ve forgotten (reflexive verbs and the subjunctive are my downfalls), but it is great to be able to brush up on the language again.

And as with most of these awards, I’m now supposed to list 7 interesting things about myself. Since I was recently nominated for the Leibster award, I’ve used up my most interesting facts… so bear with me if these aren’t super stellar!

Facts about me:

  1. When I was a kid, I won a writing prize for a travel essay! I wrote about the Pequonnock River Valley in Trumbull, CT, and how I felt walking along the trail. I really wish I could find this essay – I got to go to the state capital (Hartford) for a ceremony!
  2. My favorite food is hot wings (buffalo wings). With bleu cheese and celery. I could eat these daily and it would take weeks for me to get sick of it. If you mixed it up and put boneless buffalo chicken on a salad instead, I could eat it for months without getting sick of it.
  3. My favorite football team is the New England Patriots. My dad’s cousin used to play for them in the 1990’s, and I grew up in New England, so it’s sort of a given that I support them. That said, I’m smack dab in the middle between Eagles country and Steelers country, so I tend to keep my team preferences to myself around here!
  4. I have student loans the size of a mortgage. If you combine my student loans with my husband’s student loans, the total outstanding principle (not even counting the tens of thousands we’ve paid off) is roughly $135,000. This is the primary reason why I take such advantage of credit card sign up bonuses and cheap/free travel. I could not afford to travel if I had to pay full price.
  5. I’ve started several blogs before – one about cooking and one about personal finance and paying of student loan debt – but this is the only one I’ve been passionate enough to continue past the first couple of months.
  6. I’ve never been allowed to have more than a goldfish or a beta fish as a pet. My dad did not want the cost/responsibility of pets when we were kids, I wasn’t allowed to have pets where I lived in college, and we’re not allowed to have pets in our lease now. It’s probably better this way, or I’d have to find a kennel or a dog-sitter when I travel!
  7. My favorite city to visit is New Orleans, but my favorite city of all is New York City. If it weren’t for how expensive it is to live there, I would definitely love to live there. But right now that would involve leaving the great company I work for, and having a super-tight budget while still trying to pay down student loan debt.

That’s it for me!

Now for 3. the best part, nominating 7 bloggers for the award (after 1. thanking/linking the awarding blogger and 2. listing 7 facts about yourself).


  1. Sharing Sketches – I am in love with the artistic ability on this blog! I seriously wish I could draw like this. From his About page: “Freehand drawing is a great tool for recording processes. In my opinion, it’s a great way to transmit to others what John Berger defined as ‘ways of seeing’.” I agree 100% – I love how he captures both the individuality and the facelessness of the people in his sketches, and ties them into their surrounding architecture.
  2. Scrawling in the Sand – The poetry on these pages is just wonderful. Similar to Sharing Sketches, I love that Scrawling in the Sand provides a different persepective on the world.
  3. travellingrat – Simon is an amazing photographer, but what I really love is the content of his photographs. His most recent series of photos are all of couples sharing a quiet, serene moment observing a majestic view. Yet his photograph is more about the couple than the view – the desert or the ocean is just a backdrop to an intimate moment.
  4. Oh, the Places We See – I love this blog for its inspiration of local travel (and by local, I mean within the United States). South Carolina, Maryland, Nevada, Tennesee, and more – definitely reminders that there is plenty of new adventures to be had here in the US!
  5. Wanderlust Everywhere – I just found this blog, but I love the eclectic mix of photography, videos, and wanderlust-sparking quotes. I also love reading blogs by folks of different cultures, I feel like everyone has a slightly different perspective on life.
  6. GypSoul – I just found this blog too but I definitely love the photos! A mix between travel/nature, fashion, and photography, I just love all of it!
  7. Travel Bug Diary – A brand-spanking new blog, I think Travel Bug Diary has a few kinks to work out design-wise, but the 2013 travel plans are pretty envious.


So those are my nominations! Head on over to check them out!

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8 replies

  1. I’m so excited that you would even consider putting me in the same category with these other nominees! Thanks for reading, commenting, and mentioning my blog. It makes me want to keep traveling and sharing even more!

    • You deserve it – I will definitely be using your blog for inspiration to travel locally!

      • Am I supposed to do what you did: state some things about myself and nominate others?

        • Yeah, sorry I didn’t make the rules of the award too clear. You’re supposed to refer back to the person who nominated you, post about 7 interesting facts about yourself, and then nominated up to 7 bloggers who inspire you and your travels! Let me know if you need any further info – I’m really excited to travel to some of the places you blogged about – the seafood in SC post has got me drooling all over my keyboard 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your nomination. It makes me feel really good when people are actually paying attention to the things I post. hahaha
    So what do I do? nominate others? say things about myself? how do we do this?
    Thank you again, this is awesome!

    • Your welcome 🙂 I want to spread the word on the blogs that I find enjoyable – and yours is among them! Yep, the steps are 1) refer back to the person who nominated you, 2) list 7 interesting things about yourself, and 3) nominate up to 7 other bloggers who inspire you.

  3. Wow. Thank you so much for the nomination! AND for the very kind words. It is great to know that what I am posting is worth reading.
    I am going to try and follow the steps to pass this on. There are so many blogs that I am impressed and inspired by.
    Thank you for reading!

    • Thank you for sharing your poetry! I’ve never been a big poetry buff (maybe because we were forced to memorize it in school and it’s hard to feel the emotion in it when you know you’re being graded on whether you got the words in the right order).

      But I’ve had to make an exception for yours – what you write feels like in the movies/tv when everything goes in slow motion, and you have many minutes of thought and emotion compressed into a tiny moment, the blink of an eye. Hopefully you know what I mean – I’m nowhere near as eloquent as you!

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