DIY Corks N Canvas

When I was in New Orleans last summer, we had an awesome experience at Corks N Canvas. It’s a BYOB (bring your own booze) painting class – you show up with food and drinks, and they provide the painting supplies and give you instruction on a painting. For about $40 per person you get a great group activity, a few hours of fun, and a painting you can take home to show everyone your masterpiece.


I was a little doubtful as the painting progressed, but by the time it was done as shown in the picture, we had each had most of a bottle of wine over a 2 hour period – so we thought they looked fantastic!

Unfortunately for us, there are no wine and painting classes in the city where we live. So this weekend, we decided to do our own!

We got dinner at Fusion Fire (no drinking on an empty stomach!) before meeting up at my friend’s apartment. It’s an awesome Asian Fondue and Sushi Bar – we sat at the sushi bar for dinner, but they also have tables with a spot for a hot pot in the center, so you can dip your food into the hot pot. We haven’t done that yet, but it’s on our list of foods to try soon!

image (3)

View from the Sushi Bar at Fusion Fire, Camp Hill PA

 We watched the  “How to Paint Like Monet” videos on Youtube by Will Kemp, and tried to follow along as much as possible. 

image (4)

Pictured: Masterpieces in progress. We sat on the floor so we didn’t get paint all over the furniture. Acrylic does not play nice with fabric.

It ended up taking us much longer than expected, because we had a hard time keeping up with the video. The video is supposed to be for beginners – but I think it is meant for beginners who have painted several times previously. We were all very much beginners – I was the “most experienced” and I have only painted a handful of paintings in my life.

At Corks N Canvas, the classes are designed for people who have never painted before – they are paced well and have breaks in the middle to allow you to catch up, or to allow time for your painting to dry (or to give you a wine and cheese break!).

But since it was a video, we were able to pause it as needed. By the end of the night, we were all a little tired of painting, but we came up with some pretty awesome masterpieces! What a fun night 🙂

image (5)

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