Trip Summary: St. Kitts – Part 1

After much delay and procrastination, I’ve finally had a chance to write up my trip to St. Kitts. Here is Part 1 of a three part trip summary!

2Day 1: Sunday

I didn’t get to the island until the late afternoon (3pm) on my first day. My friend was there to pick me up from the airport, and we dropped my things off at her apartment before driving to the Marriott to meet up with her friends. We spent the evening watching the football games (they had about a dozen TVs, each tuned to a different game – good thing too, because there were 5 different favorite teams among the 8 of us!). The food at the bar area in the casino at the Marriott was ok – nothing special, but the pizza and beer definitely hit the spot while watching the game.

46Day 2: Monday

Monday was the first full day on the island. We drove out to Shipwreck, and spent the day laying around on the beach, drinking frozen tropical drinks, enjoying the sun and the breeze, and floating around in the Caribbean waters. This was definitely my favorite place on the island. I floated on my back in the water – it was so calm that I could feel the swell of the waves beneath me, but not have to worry about waves overtopping me.

9We drove back up a crazy steep hill, drove through an incredibly deep pothole, and were horrified when the car died at the edge of a steep, steep road with a cliff 10 feet away. I was petrified that the car was going to slide down the hill and over the edge, but luckily that didn’t happen. Since my friends are Ross University students, they called Ross Security. Apparently, the local cops/authorities are not that great at responding to incidents on the island, so the university has its own security force. They arrived a few minutes later, and towed the car up to the top of the hill.

6Day 3: Tuesday

We relaxed for most of the day at the pool at Palm Court Gardens. Palm Court Gardens is a small complex with an infinity pool overlooking the harbor near Basseterre. It is open to the public, but unless you are staying at the small guest house on site, you have to pay a fee to use the pool ($10 USD for the day).

4We had a light lunch while we were there, and drank a couple FANTASTIC mudslides. I wish I had though to take a picture of the drinks – they were rich and chocolaty and came in a conch shell shaped glass with chocolate shavings on top. It was hot that day, so the cool ice-cream texture of the drink went down so quickly that I had an empty glass before I even thought of taking a picture.

Rituals SushiFor dinner that night, we went to Rituals Sushi, near the Marriott. It was delicious – I’ve eaten a lot of sushi around the USA, but this was up there in my top 2-3 places. The only issue I had here is that the servers speak so softly that I had trouble understanding what they said at first. I found out as the trip went on that this is common, but it was a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things.


Stay tuned to Part 2 and Part 3!

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