Planning saves money

Thanks to Tips On Travelling for digging up such a helpful website!

Since I am travelling to Europe with my mom, and we are splitting the costs, I’ve been looking for a way to estimate the costs we’ll have out of pocket (how much we’ll need to spend ahead of time on hotels, but also what we’ll need to bring for shopping and food while we’re there).

The Earth Index provides very general information that is helpful for visitors/tourists (typical hotel costs, average cost for eating out, public transportation cost, etc).

For example, I know we’ll need roughly twice the amount of money for hotels and public transportation in Paris than we will in Poland (and three times as much for food!).

I can use this to estimate the cost of the trip up front (more on that later), and then narrow it down as I find specific hotels or transportation options. I expect the initial cost estimate to be higher than the actual costs, but worse comes to worst, that will free up more money for shopping!

Tips On Travelling

planning saves money

If you want to stay low-budget and save money so you can travel Further. Longer. Cheaper. then you need to invest some of your time to plan ahead.
One important factor when travelling is to know a bit of prices when you get to your destination or area where you will be travelling.

This info is not always easy to find as you can spend hours on internet to search for validated information that is not outdated. One tip to save both money and time is to use a site named Eardex – The Earth Index.

This is a site that is continually updated with price index from all around the world.
A great database to use as a tool when planning the travel economy as it lists price index on local transportation, food, sleeping options as well as country information

Check it out at

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3 replies

  1. Hi there and thanks for the re-post.
    It’s me who are running Tips Of Travelling along side with my own travel blog
    Happy to see that there are others then me that enjoy to explore life and the world a head of us just then running around doing everything everyone else does.

    My personal tip for you from me.
    Visit Albania. Amazing.
    Stories in my blog as I was there for 2 weeks this summer.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! We won’t be able to fit it in on this trip, but there is always another trip in the future. I definitely had planned to visit Greece one day, but never even thought about its northern neighbor. I’ll keep it in mind for a future trip!

    • Another suggestion, and my favourite country is Bulgaria.
      beautiful nature, three mountain ranges and I lived there for a few weeks in the beginning of 2012 for work.
      Food is the absolute best of all the countries I have visited.

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