St. Kitts Anticipated Itinerary and Costs

Now that my trip is VERY near, I got a more definite class schedule from my friend, which means I can begin booking massages, golf times, or horseback riding tours.

This ties in to Step #3 of my planning process:
3. Tentatively schedule and plan itinerary with top priority activities.

Since my friend is awesome and suggested renting a car to drive around the island all day and see the sights, I struck the train ride from my plan. Instead, we’ll get to see the sights from the comfort of our vehicle (and conveniently, I’ll be able to drink in the car – gotta love international laws!).

Unfortunately, the nights I’ll be in Puerto Rico will be right around the full moon, so I might not be able to go on the biobay tour after all 😦 But we’ll see!

source: St. Kitts tourism website

Day Limiting Factors Activities Est. Cost
Sunday Fly in ??? -0-
Monday No conflicts Beach all day -0-
Tuesday Class until 12 Horseback ride in rainforest $84 for a 3 hour ride
Wednesday Class until 10 Drive around island (Caribelle Batik, Brimstone Hill Fortress, Fairview Great House & Botanical Garden $?? Some share of car rental
Thursday Class until 12 ??? -0-
Friday  Class all day Marriott for Golf and Spa day $100/9 holes of golf instruction
*rental cost may be extra
$129/50 minute garden or ocean-side massage
Saturday No conflicts ??? -0-
Sunday Fly to San Juan Relax at beach -0-
Monday No conflicts Tour old San Juan -0-
Tuesday Fly out Relax at the beach -0-
  Total: $~350 after tips,
not counting food/drinks

So that’s the plan! Now I just have to finalize my packing (I draft-packed a week or so ago, but now it’s time to make the final decisions).

I can’t wait to start my vacation! Best of all, my friend is using me as a pack mule in exchange for room and board while I’m there (did I say best of all? just wait for it…)

I literally have one carryon packed almost entirely full of things she really wanted, but has trouble getting shipped to St. Kitts – remember, they don’t really have addresses! That means I now have a gorgeous new ipad for use en route (to be sadly relinquished upon arrival). It’s worth carrying an extra bag for that alone, I think!

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